Sons of ex-congressmen land big lobby clients

Lest anyone forget, Washington lobbyist Dave Lugar is the son of Sen. Dick Lugar.

Politico writes that the younger Lugar has sent out a fundraising letter urging recipients to attend a Dec. 13 reception for his father. The asking price to co-host is $5,000.

Richard Lugar, former mayor of Indianapolis, has served as a U.S. senator from Indiana since 1977. He’s the ranking member on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and also holds a seat on the Agriculture Committee.

David Lugar, who previously worked as a lobbyist with Quinn Gillespie and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, founded Lugar Group earlier this year. The firm has signed such major clients as Google, Hilton Worldwide, Ally Financial and CIT Group.

Google has ramped up its lobby presence in recent months as the federal government explores potential antitrust violations.

The search giant clearly understands the benefit of congressional connections. Another lobbyist it has brought in is former Rep. Dick Gephardt of Missouri, who served 14 terms in Congress, including stints as majority leader and minority leader.

Gephardt is the founder of Gephardt Group, where his son Matthew is COO and managing partner.

Other major clients of the firm include General Electric, Peabody Energy, Waste Management and Boeing.

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