Washington’s Rodeo Drive

If there’s a thoroughfare as disparaged as Wall Street in recent months, it’s K Street.

Occupy D.C. protesters have encamped in McPherson Square, in the heart of the capital’s lobbying district.

When some on the right denigrate the neighborhood, they’re not only referring to the demonstrators.

Here’s Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann on her opponent Newt Gingrich: “He’s as establishment as you get. His address is located on the Rodeo Drive of Washington, which is K Street.”

Putting Gingrich aside for a moment, you have to wonder: Is K Street really the Rodeo Drive of Washington? Or is this just a snappy sound bite?

Try to imagine Julia Roberts as Vivian in “Pretty Woman,” stepping into a high-priced, boutique lobby shop just a few blocks north of the White House. She wants to buy some influence for her, ahem, gentleman friend.

But the lobbyists don’t know her and she certainly doesn’t look like she can afford their services. So they shoo her away.

Then Vivian returns with a well-dressed business executive (Richard Gere) and gobs of money…

Well, maybe Bachmann has a point.

It’s not for nothing that the place has been called “Gucci gulch.”

Here’s something to ponder: If K Street is Rodeo Drive, which lobby shop is the equivalent of Beverly Hills’ Bijan, known as the most expensive store in the world?

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