News Corporation Global Government Affairs Consolidates Under Michael Regan

Today, News Corporation announced that it is consolidating its global government affairs efforts.  This move puts all the corporation’s public policy offices under one person, Michael Regan, who has been News Corporation’s chief lobbyist since 2001. Regan previously worked as a Republican Counsel for the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.  Regan will be in charge of the public policy for the many global News Corp brands that include: Fox, Dow Jones, the National Rugby League, as well as newspapers, radio, magazines, and televisions stations all across the globe.   In 2011, Regan lead the very large lobbying operation, News America, Inc. – the name News Corporation uses for its federal lobbying operations. This operation spent just over $6.3 million on lobbying in 2011. Regan will now be in charge of an even larger lobbying operation on a global scale, and the might of News America’s activity in 2011 shows he has the lobbying experience to lead this charge. First Street Research Group has a few examples from 2011 that highlight his experience:


  • News America hired 8 lobbying firms to represent them and paid $1.35 million for their services.
  • The company lobbied 22 bills on topics such as Spectrum Auctions, Online Privacy, and Patent Reform.
  • News America’s lobbying operation included 29 lobbyists, 7 of whom worked directly for News America.
  • The News America PAC donated $193,000 to political organizations in 2011.

Coalition Builder Image of News America’s 2011 Activity

Lobbying Activity in 2011

Filing Quarter Amount
2011 4Q $1,670,000
2011 3Q $1,390,000
2011 2Q $1,680,000
2011 1Q $1,570,000
Total $6,310,000

Outside Lobbying Firms in 2011

Name Amount
Bockorny Group, Inc. $360,000
Hogan Lovells US LLP f/k/a Hogan & Hartson LLP <$5,000
Mr. David Leach $120,000
Quinn Gillespie & Associates $120,000
Temple Strategies $120,000
The Cormac Group $130,000
The Fritts Group $300,000
The Glover Park Group LLC $200,000
Total $1,350,000

Lobbyists working on Behalf of News America in 2011

  1. Joel H Bernstein (Temple Strategies)
  2. David A. Bockorny (Bockorny Group, Inc.)
  3. Susan Brophy (The Glover Park Group LLC)
  4. Bruce Cox (The Fritts Group)
  5. Martin L. Depoy (Bockorny Group, Inc.)
  6. Andrew Charles Dodson (Bockorny Group, Inc.)
  7. David Fares (News America, Inc.)
  8. John Patrick Feehery (Quinn Gillespie & Associates)
  9. Edward O Fritts (The Fritts Group)
  10. Brian Steven Gaston (The Glover Park Group LLC)
  11. Robert Wesley Harris (The Glover Park Group LLC)
  12. Ken Inouye (The Fritts Group)
  13. Kristopher Jones (News America, Inc.)
  14. Rick Lane (News America, Inc.)
  15. Blair Larkins (Bockorny Group, Inc.)
  16. David C Leach (Mr. David Leach)
  17. Melinda Lewis (Sprint Nextel Corporation; The Fritts Group)
  18. Matt Mandel (The Glover Park Group LLC)
  19. Janet O’Callaghan (News America, Inc.)
  20. Maureen A O’Connell (News America, Inc.)
  21. Kathleen Ramsey (News America, Inc.)
  22. Brenda Reese (Bockorny Group, Inc.)
  23. Mike Regan (News America, Inc.)
  24. Gregg Rothschil (The Glover Park Group LLC)
  25. Melissa Schulman (Bockorny Group, Inc.)
  26. Riley K Temple (Temple Strategies)
  27. Todd Thorpe (Bockorny Group, Inc.)
  28. Nicole Venable (Bockorny Group, Inc.)
  29. Patrick H Williams (The Cormac Group)

Legislation Lobbied by News America in 2011

  • 112 H.R.1249: Leahy-Smith America Invents Act
  • 112 H.R.1528: Consumer Privacy Protection Act of 2011
  • 112 H.R.1895: Do Not Track Kids Act of 2011
  • 112 H.R.1981: Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act of 2011
  • 112 H.R.2289: FCC “ABCs” Act of 2011
  • 112 H.R.2471: To amend section 2710 of title 18, United States Code, to clarify that a video tape service provider may obtain a consumer’s informed, written consent on an ongoing basis and that consent may be obtained through the Internet.
  • 112 H.R.3261: Stop Online Piracy Act
  • 112 H.R.365: National Blue Alert Act of 2011
  • 112 H.R.607: Broadband for First Responders Act of 2011
  • 112 H.R.611: BEST PRACTICES Act
  • 112 H.R.654: Do Not Track Me Online Act
  • 112 H.R.911: Spectrum Inventory and Auction Act of 2011
  • 112 S.1040: Broadband for First Responders Act of 2011
  • 112 S.2008: Next Generation Television Marketplace Act of 2011
  • 112 S.23: America Invents Act
  • 112 S.415: Spectrum Optimization Act
  • 112 S.455: RADIOS Act
  • 112 S.799: Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights Act of 2011
  • 112 S.911: SPECTRUM Act
  • 112 S.968: Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act of 2011
  • 112 S.978: A bill to amend the criminal penalty provision for criminal infringement of a copyright, and for other purposes.
  • 112 S.28: Public Safety Spectrum and Wireless Innovation Act

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