K Street Lines Up for Romney: Lobbyist Bundlers

The only current GOP candidate reporting any lobbyist bundlers is Mitt Romney.  He has 16 lobbyists actively bundling contributions for him.  These lobbyists represent some of the top lobbyists in DC, including two that were named to the First Street 30.  Collectively the Romney lobbyist bundlers have raised $2.2 million for Romney’s campaign, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.  These bundlers have represented 324 organizations that spent $196.9 million on the lobbying services with these lobbyists since 2008 (See Appendix F).  Only one organization – Verizon Wireless – has hired three Romney bundlers from different firms, but three others have hired two Romney bundlers from different firms: Microsoft, CitiGroup and Charles Schwab.  Additionally, eight organizations have directly hired a Romney lobbyist bundler since 2008 to act as an in-house lobbyist.

Mitt Romney’s Lobbyist Bundlers

David Beightol

  • Lobbyist – Dutko Worldwide, LLC (2004–Present)
  • Key Clients: MPI Corporate; Johnson Controls

Patrick Durkin

  • Lobbyist – Barclays (2009-Present)

T. Martin Fiorentino, Jr.

  • Lobbyist – The Fiorentino Group (2007-Present)
  • Key Clients: Lender Processing Services; Escape Media Group

Robert T. Grand

  • Lobbyist – Barnes & Thornburg (2004-Present)
  • Key Clients: Indianapolis; Allen County

Judith Rhines

  • Lobbyist – The Rath Group (2008-Present)
  • Key Client: New Hampshire Hospital Association

William Simmons

  • Lobbyist – Dutko Worldwide (2004-Present)
  • Key Clients: Google; Accenture; HNTB Companies

Austin Barbour

  • Lobbyist – Capitol Resources (2004-Present)
  • Key Clients: Gulf Lng Energy; Enerkem

Wayne Berman

  • Lobbyist – Ogilvy Government Relations (2004-Present)
  • Key Clients: Blackstone; Chevron; Visa; Hilton
  • First Street 30 Profile

Thomas Boyd

  • Lobbyist – DLA Piper (2007-Present)
  • Key Clients: Charles Schwab; Experian; Discover

Bruce Gates

  • Lobbyist – Altria (2008-Present)

Ralph W. Hardy, Jr.

  • Lobbyist – Dow Lohnes (2004-Present)
  • Key Clients: Overstock.com; Intel

R. Edward Ingle

  • Lobbyist – Microsoft (2005-Present)

Ignacio E. Sanchez

  • Lobbyist DLA Piper (2004-Present)
  • Key Clients: Starwood; Diageo; General Cigar Co

David Tamasi

  • Lobbyist – Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications (2009-Present)
  • Key Clients: First Wind Energy; Steward Health Care

 Joseph Charles Wall

  • Lobbyist – Goldman Sachs (2010-Present)

Drew Maloney

  • Lobbyist – Ogilvy Government Relations (2004-Present)
  • Key Clients: Verizon; American Petroleum Institute; Kosmos; Viacom
  • First Street 30 Profile

Organizations that Employed a Romney Lobbyist Bundler as an In-House Lobbyist since 2008

  • Altria Client Services Inc.
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Ogilvy Government Relations
  • Barclays PLC and its U.S. Affiliates
  • The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
  • Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • New York Mercantile Exchange, Inc.

Top Paying Clients hiring a Romney Lobbyist Bundler Since 2008




Total Amount Paid to Firm(s)

Period Represented

Drew Maloney & Wayne Berman


The Blackstone Group



Ignacio Sanchez

DLA Piper

The Medicines Company



Drew Maloney & Wayne Berman;


Verizon Wireless



Ignacio Sanchez

DLA Piper


Bruce Gates

Ernst & Young


Ignacio Sanchez

DLA Piper

Diageo North America



Drew Maloney & Wayne Berman


Highstar Capital



Drew Maloney & Wayne Berman





Drew Maloney & Wayne Berman


Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association



Drew Maloney & Wayne Berman


Hess Corporation



Tom Boyd

DLA Piper

National Business Coalition on E-Commerce and Privacy



Drew Maloney & Wayne Berman


American Petroleum Institute



Report Sections (download full report)

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