Trade Group CEO Pay, Compared to Total Lobby Tab

Is there a golden ratio for trade group CEO salaries?

The Washington Post reported Sunday that the top execs of major trade lobby groups enjoyed an average pay of $2.34 million in 2010. Increases averaged 16 percent despite the slow economy.

Curious about how CEO pay compared to total lobbying expenditures, we calculated salary as a percentage of lobbying totals for the top 20 organizations.

The numbers were all over the map, ranging from 3.6 percent for U.S. Chamber of Commerce CEO Thomas Donahue to 87.7 percent for the American Petroleum Institute’s Jack Gerard. (We should note that Donahue is doing just fine, with a pay package of $4.75 million. His ratio is low because the Chamber’s lobby bill – more than $132 million in 2010 – is so much higher than other organizations.)

The average for the 20 organizations was 33.3 percent. In other words, average CEOs in this group were paid 1/3 of their organization’s total lobbying bill.

So, trade group CEOs, if you’re feeling you’re underpaid and unappreciated, you might email this story to your board.

CEO Trade Group 2010 Salary 2010 Lobbying Expenditures Salary as % of Lobbying
Billy Tauzin Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers $11,570,000 $21,740,000 53.2%
Jack Gerard American Petroleum Institute $6,400,000 $7,300,000 87.7%
Thomas Donahue US Chamber of Commerce $4,750,000 $132,067,500 3.6%
Thomas Kuhn Edison Electric Institute $3,980,000 $13,080,000 30.4%
T. Timothy Ryan Securities Industry & Financial Markets Assn $2,970,000 $5,420,000 54.8%
Kyle McSlarrow National Cable & Telecommunications Association $2,810,000 $17,710,000 15.9%
Pamela Bailey Grocery Manufacturers Association $2,800,000 $3,950,000 70.9%
Edward Yingling American Bankers Association $2,300,000 $7,760,000 29.6%
Calvin Dooley American Chemistry Council $2,290,000 $8,130,000 28.2%
Dale Stinton National Association of Realtors $1,930,000 $17,580,000 11.0%
Dave McCurdy Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers $1,910,000 $5,864,000 32.6%
Frank Keating American Council of Life Insurers $1,820,000 $7,083,452 25.7%
John Castellani Business Roundtable $1,800,000 $11,210,000 16.1%
Steve Bartlett Financial Services Roundtable $1,790,000 $7,460,000 24.0%
Richard Baker Managed Funds Association $1,780,000 $3,720,000 47.8%
Daniel Mica Credit Union National Association $1,660,000 $6,921,721 24.0%
Stephen Miller American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity $1,640,000 $3,143,536 52.2%
Mitch Bainwol Recording Industry Association of America $1,610,000 $5,552,247 29.0%
Richard Umbdenstock American Hospital Association $1,560,000 $19,488,358 8.0%
Walter McCormick U.S. Telecom Association $1,550,000 $6,990,000 22.2%
Average 33.3%

Sources: Washington Post, Center for Responsive Politics, First Street


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