Secret Trans Pacific Partnership Negotiations Draw Lobbying Interest and Public Ire

Negotiations on a Pacific trade deal are taking place right now in San Diego, and hundreds of representatives of business, trade association and citizen watchdog groups are present and pushing for their interests in a deal that many have charged has been kept too secret. This meeting — which began July 2 and ends July […]

K Street Fleeing From DISCLOSE Act

The Supreme Court decision upholding its 2010 ruling in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission on June 25, made it clear that corporations, labor unions and individuals can continue to pour unlimited sums of money into congressional and presidential elections this year. Less clear is whether — or when — there will be enough support […]

Lobbyists join Democrats and Republicans in Debate Over Immigration and the DREAM Act

Prospects of immigration reform — dim as they have been in past years and getting dimmer with Congress’s increasing difficulty to reach compromise on any major or seemingly minor issue — have kept millions of dollars flowing through D.C. lobbying firms and coalitions. And President Barack Obama’s latest directive halting the deportation of certain immigrant […]

Inhofe’s Resolution Focuses the Clean Air and Water Lobby

Lobbyists on either side of the issue of controlling air toxins are picking up force as the Senate nears a vote — expected Tuesday — on a controversial GOP plan to block Environmental Protection Agency rules, finalized last December, that require cuts in mercury and other air pollutants from power plants. Update: The resolution was […]

Miscellaneous Tariff Bills are Debated, Criticized, and Lobbied

The current debate over how and whether to move miscellaneous tariff bills (MTBs) — legislative measures advocated by U.S. businesses for import duty relief on certain products — has implications for hundreds of companies and lobbyists wondering where to turn for help on legislation  viewed as a key to helping American manufacturers and others stay […]

Farm Bill Ignites Heavy Lobbying

The Senate launched its much-awaited debate on a rewrite of the 2008 farm bill. The expectations are high for not just a partisan divide among senators, but also a regional and philosophical divide–made ever more complicated by the pressures imposed by lobbyists.  Groups ranging from sugar beet farmers to corn growers, biomass companies to faith-based […]

OFII Advocates for New Foreign Investment Measure

The Organization for International Investment, which in recent years has spent more than $2 million annually lobbying in Washington, D.C., is lauding legislation that Senate and House leaders unveiled this week which aims to boost the United State’s share of global foreign investment. Nancy L. McLernon, president and CEO of OFII, which was created about […]

Airlines for America Hires Josh Saltzman Former Chief of Staff to Rep. Pete Sessions

Airlines for America has hired Josh Saltzman, chief of staff to Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas, to serve as vice president of global government affairs. Saltzman has worked with Sessions for nearly 10 years as the Texas Republican has moved up the ladder and become more well-known for his strong pro-business stance. Sessions is chairman of […]

Chris Dodd: Washington’s Ultimate Insider

Christopher Dodd, who turned 68 last month, built a reputation during his nearly 35 years in Congress for his skill in cultivating friendships, cutting deals and raising funds to enable him to gain power and push major initiatives into law, the most recent of which bears his name: the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and […]

J Street Steps Up Washington Presence as AIPAC Alternative

A four-year-old Washington lobbying group called J Street has been stirring up debate — and campaigning for support — both in America and in Israel over the best way to support Israeli’s interests and security. It calls itself pro-Israel and pro-peace, but offers a more moderate alternative to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), […]