Inhofe’s Resolution Focuses the Clean Air and Water Lobby

Lobbyists on either side of the issue of controlling air toxins are picking up force as the Senate nears a vote — expected Tuesday — on a controversial GOP plan to block Environmental Protection Agency rules, finalized last December, that require cuts in mercury and other air pollutants from power plants. Update: The resolution was […]

Greater disclosure of SuperPAC’s donors is needed

This article originally appeared in The Hill: Greater disclosure of SuperPAC’s donors is needed  As The Hill reported yesterday, Arizona Republican Senator John McCain appears to be back in the game on campaign finance reform, and he couldn’t have come at a better time. McCain, who thought he had tamped down the issue with his landmark 2002 […]

Lobbying on the Enacted Legislation of the 112th Congress

The media has labeled the current Congress a do nothing Congress, but is that description accurate?  While it’s true that the current Congress hasn’t addresses many of the country’s biggest challenges, it also true, significant pieces of legislation were passed and signed into law.  In fact, 106 bills were passed in the current Congress.  Below is a […]

Snowe’s Retirement Means Influential Staffers Available for K Street Recruitment

Sen. Olympia Snowe’s long career in Congress is coming to an end.  There is speculation she could end up K Street as a lobbyist.  This scenario is unlikely; the more likely scenario is that her top staffers will make the move to K Street.  22 former staffers of Sen. Snowe have become lobbyists, including 13 currently registered […]

Sons of ex-congressmen land big lobby clients

Lest anyone forget, Washington lobbyist Dave Lugar is the son of Sen. Dick Lugar. Politico writes that the younger Lugar has sent out a fundraising letter urging recipients to attend a Dec. 13 reception for his father. The asking price to co-host is $5,000. Richard Lugar, former mayor of Indianapolis, has served as a U.S. […]