Senator Trent Lott — Breaux Lott Leadership Group & Patton Boggs LLP

  • Number of Clients: 24
  • Total Amount Clients Paid Firm: $6,240,000
  • Average Amount Each Client Paid Firm: $260,000
  • Number of Fortune 100 Clients: 8
  • Notable Clients: Citigroup; FedEx; Prudential

Trent Lott deploys many of the same skills as a lobbyist that he used as Senate Majority Leader and Majority Whip: a gregarious personality carried over from his days as a University of Mississippi yell leader, an acute attention to detail he developed as a legislative aide, and an astute pragmatism about just how far his former colleagues might go on a given vote. Lott left the Senate in December 2007 and opened his lobbying firm a month later with a former like-minded colleague—and fellow First Street 30 member—Louisiana Democrat John Breaux. It has become one of Capitol Hill’s powerhouse shops, pulling in nearly $8 million in just its first year; it also took in more than $8 million through the third quarter of 2011. It has represented a number of Fortune 100 corporations—General Electric, Boeing, AT&T, and Goldman Sachs—that are willing to pay for top-flight access. But Lott’s roughly two dozen clients also include some more parochial interests from his home state, including America’s Natural Gas Alliance and Huntington Ingalls Industries—which operates a shipyard in Lott’s hometown of Pascagoula, Mississippi—that he has sought to protect since his days as a legislator. His son, Chester Trent Lott Jr., is among his colleagues.


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