The Highway Lobby vs. Partisan Politics

Not so long ago, when Democrats and Republicans more easily found areas of accord, transportation funding received ready support from both parties. After all, highway and bridge construction can improve infrastructure, add local jobs and provide elected representatives with concrete examples of their ability to secure federal funds for the home district. Such spending is […]

Inhofe’s Resolution Focuses the Clean Air and Water Lobby

Lobbyists on either side of the issue of controlling air toxins are picking up force as the Senate nears a vote — expected Tuesday — on a controversial GOP plan to block Environmental Protection Agency rules, finalized last December, that require cuts in mercury and other air pollutants from power plants. Update: The resolution was […]

GOP Congressional VP Candidates Have Extensive Ties to K Street

As speculation about Mitt Romney’s potential running mate continues to swirl, First Street Research Group examined the K Street ties of some of the leading candidates who have served in Congress. To build the list of candidates we selected from all of the candidates who have served in Congress and have been frequently mentioned as […]

Miscellaneous Tariff Bills are Debated, Criticized, and Lobbied

The current debate over how and whether to move miscellaneous tariff bills (MTBs) — legislative measures advocated by U.S. businesses for import duty relief on certain products — has implications for hundreds of companies and lobbyists wondering where to turn for help on legislation  viewed as a key to helping American manufacturers and others stay […]

Senate Panel Set to Review Universal Music-EMI Deal

Big 4 music companies

Top executives from the music industry are scheduled to visit Washington Thursday to testify about Universal Music Group’s proposed purchase of EMI. The deal would merge two of the big 4 music companies – a consolidation that has drawn criticism from competitors and consumer groups. As our chart below shows, the music distributors, parent companies […]

Northrop Grumman’s Inside Track

Republic Report recently published a fascinating story about a bonus paid by Northrop Grumman to Thomas MacKenzie in 2011, just before he became a staff member of the House Armed Services Committee. Of particular interest was the size of the bonus – $498,334, as reported on MacKenzie’s financial disclosure statement. That’s welcome cash for someone […]

Public Broadcasting Lobby Faces Big Challenges

The best-known lobbyists for public broadcasting are named Elmo, Big Bird and Arthur the Aardvark. The beloved children’s characters have been known to make appearances on Capitol Hill when funding is under attack, which happens regularly. They’re the public face of the public broadcasting lobby. Behind the scenes, professional lobbyists are also waging battle. As […]

Meat Industry Holds Line on Lobby Spending

Given the rise of food activists and their effective use of the internet and other media, you might expect the meat industry to be revving its lobby engines. As Eric Schlosser, author of “Fast Food Nation,” has said: “We’ve never had food companies this powerful in our history.” Yet with the notable exception of the […]

Farm Bill Ignites Heavy Lobbying

The Senate launched its much-awaited debate on a rewrite of the 2008 farm bill. The expectations are high for not just a partisan divide among senators, but also a regional and philosophical divide–made ever more complicated by the pressures imposed by lobbyists.  Groups ranging from sugar beet farmers to corn growers, biomass companies to faith-based […]

Defining Political Intelligence – Event Recap

Last week, First Street and Women in Government Relations convened a panel of industry experts from the government, legal, lobbying, and political intelligence communities to discuss the current state of the political intelligence industry.  I had the honor of moderating the distinguished panel, which focused on: the history of the industry how the industry is defined today where […]