K Street Fleeing From DISCLOSE Act

The Supreme Court decision upholding its 2010 ruling in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission on June 25, made it clear that corporations, labor unions and individuals can continue to pour unlimited sums of money into congressional and presidential elections this year. Less clear is whether — or when — there will be enough support […]

Greater disclosure of SuperPAC’s donors is needed

This article originally appeared in The Hill: Greater disclosure of SuperPAC’s donors is needed  As The Hill reported yesterday, Arizona Republican Senator John McCain appears to be back in the game on campaign finance reform, and he couldn’t have come at a better time. McCain, who thought he had tamped down the issue with his landmark 2002 […]

Will McCain Join Fight For Super PAC Transparency?

Sen. John McCain appears back in the game on campaign finance reform, reportedly chatting with Democrats about joining forces to require outside groups, who accept unlimited sums of money from corporations and labor unions, to disclose the names of their donors. That will surely further increase the activity of lobbyists who already have been keeping […]