Lobbyists join Democrats and Republicans in Debate Over Immigration and the DREAM Act

Prospects of immigration reform — dim as they have been in past years and getting dimmer with Congress’s increasing difficulty to reach compromise on any major or seemingly minor issue — have kept millions of dollars flowing through D.C. lobbying firms and coalitions. And President Barack Obama’s latest directive halting the deportation of certain immigrant […]

Top Lobbyists Prep for Supreme Court Healthcare Decision

Once again, America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), the lead trade group for the health insurance industry, is poised for upheaval. On March 26, the Obama administration’s health care form package goes to the U.S. Supreme Court, which has scheduled an historic three days of arguments. The outcome could have an enormous impact on AHIP and […]

Congress Passes Insider Trading Bill

Legislation banning insider trading by members of Congress is headed to the Oval Office, without the provision calling for reporting of political intelligence activities. President Obama has said he will sign the bill. As we wrote in February, the bill passed by the Senate included a requirement that people trading in advance knowledge of government […]

First Street Free Trial Offer

Want to know the who, what, why and where of Washington D.C.?  Interested in seeing what is in the most extensive political intelligence platform available?  Are you in First Street? If you answered yes to any of those questions or you are just curious about First Street – then sign up for a free First Street […]

Facebook Lobbyists – All About Connections

Facebook is making a  lot of friends on Wall Street.  But what about D.C.?  Along with their own lobbying staff, Facebook paid 3 registered lobbying firms to lobby the federal government on  its behalf in 2011.   All told, 22 registered lobbyists lobbied on behalf of Facebook in 2011.  A look at the work histories of these lobbyists shows they are very […]

K Street mum on insider trading bills

Just as Sherlock Holmes noted the dog that didn’t bark, it can be enlightening to watch for issues on which lobbyists don’t lobby. A glaring example is the “Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act,” introduced repeatedly over the last five years. The legislation aims to prevent members of Congress from engaging in a form of […]

Sons of ex-congressmen land big lobby clients

Lest anyone forget, Washington lobbyist Dave Lugar is the son of Sen. Dick Lugar. Politico writes that the younger Lugar has sent out a fundraising letter urging recipients to attend a Dec. 13 reception for his father. The asking price to co-host is $5,000. Richard Lugar, former mayor of Indianapolis, has served as a U.S. […]