K Street Sits Out Student Loan Rate Debate

Student loan rates have been a hotly debated issue both on the campaign trail and in congress.  While the issue is gaining the attention of politicians and the public, so far it has failed to grab the attention of the lobbying industry.  The First Street  Research Group examined the 35 student loan related bills from the 112th […]

The Internet World Storms Washington

This Congress’s high-profile debate on legislation aimed at combating online piracy unleashed a flood of lobbying spending and maneuvering that brought to light the powerful forces of the Internet world. Google, Yahoo, Wired.com and many other Internet-related businesses achieved what some considered a hard earned — and high priced — coup against the powerful entertainment […]

Three Former Lobbyists Join Romney Education Policy Team

Today the Romney campaign announced its education policy team.  This extensive list of advisers includes three former lobbyists, who have represented multiple clients in the for-profit education industry.  Here is a quick rundown of the lobbyists and their clients. For-Profit Education Institutions Represented by Former Lobbyists on Romney’s Education Policy Team Apollo Group Inc. American […]

For-Profit Colleges Have Uncounted Government Connections

Dianne Feinstein's connections to for-profit colleges

Just as the bottom line for many for-profit colleges is directly linked to government funding, the executive offices and board rooms of many of these companies have direct links to government itself. Two sitting U.S. senators are married to individuals with sizeable investment stakes. What is First Street? What is a political intelligence platform? Explore […]