Lobbyists join Democrats and Republicans in Debate Over Immigration and the DREAM Act

Prospects of immigration reform — dim as they have been in past years and getting dimmer with Congress’s increasing difficulty to reach compromise on any major or seemingly minor issue — have kept millions of dollars flowing through D.C. lobbying firms and coalitions. And President Barack Obama’s latest directive halting the deportation of certain immigrant […]

Unlike Senate, House Splits Along Party Lines on Violence Against Women Act

The House is expected to vote this week on a bill to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act. The debate is likely to be charged with presidential politics, as both parties maneuver for an advantage with women voters. A reauthorization bill passed the Senate last month by a vote of 68-31, with unusual bipartisan support. […]

Research Report: Extending the Borders in the Immigration Debate

Immigration has always been a hot button issue, in the news and on the campaign trail.  Last year saw a heavy push from both Republicans and Democrats to pass their own versions of immigration legislation.  While the immigration issue has not been at the forefront of the news in 2011, immigration is still an intensely […]