Barclays Fallout Hits Washington

Barclays lobbying

The Barclays scandal has laid waste to the bank’s top echelons, with the resignations of the chairman, the chief executive and the chief operating officer. The repercussions have also reached the Mitt Romney campaign, which was relying on former CEO Robert E. Diamond Jr., an American, to co-host a London fundraiser. A Romney spokesperson confirmed […]

Derivatives Lobby Prepared for Major Victory

Banks, energy companies and other derivatives dealers are poised to win a big one today, with approval of a federal rule exempting most of them from new government oversight. As The New York Times reports, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission are expected to okay a much-weakened version of a […]

Goldman Sachs Pours Millions into Washington Efforts

Just a decade ago, Goldman Sachs spent less than $1 million annually on lobbying in Washington. In the past two years, its lobby tab has been more than four times that. Goldman spent $4.35 million in 2011 and $4.6 million in 2010. In the current climate, with the firm combatting public distrust, government investigations and […]

Quarter Snapshot: Bank of America

Last month we profiled Bank of America’s (BofA) lobbying activity in response to their announcement that they would be charging $5 a month to debit card users.  Recently, Bank of America announced it was ending this plan in response to customer complaints.  The First Street Research Group takes a quick look at BofA’s lobbying activity […]